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8 Posting Mistakes On Instagram..You Will Not Make!

There are several mistakes that I frequently see business owners make on Instagram.

Below are the 8 mistakes I constantly see, and how to avoid them:

1. Blurry Photos
There is no reason to be uploading a blurry photo especially if you have a smartphone that can take a ton of pictures at a time.

If you do have a great photo or one that you deem is a great photo that you just absolutely have to post but you think is a little bit blurry, there is something you can do. Go into the Instagram app, click on the wrench icon (the wrench is at the top on the iphone and at the bottom on the ipad), make adjustments here and note there are lots of great adjustments available. Toggle to the very end to the triangle and use that to actually sharpen the blurry photo right in Instagram. This is a great tool to use if you absolutely want to use that little bit blurry photo.

2. Personal Content On Your Business Account.
You are showing your dog, your breakfast, or your vacations on your business account. I do not want to see that there. I want to see the content that I started following you for.

For example, on my business account, I am @TheInstagramExpert. Therefore, I am showing you tips, tools and strategies daily on how to improve your Instagram account. That is it. That is all I am showing you. No personal information.

3. Overposting
When you share multiple posts in a short time frame (the same hour), you’re overposting. This is way too much content and is flooding the newsfeed of your followers and people will likely unfollow you. Instead space out your posts.

Know when the best time to post is by going over to www.Iconosquare.com, a free web-based tool, where you can actually monitor the engagement, the data and the stats on Instagram.

4. Underposting
This is when you have not posted in several days or for up to a week. The goal is to stay top-of-mind and provide continuous value on Instagram. Not posting means your followers could forget about you. Make sure you post on a regular basis.

5. An Incomplete Bio
If people do not know what you do or what your gifts are, they are not going to follow you. Use the 150 characters you have accessible right in your bio for concise keywords that tell people who you are and what you do.

Use a call to action in your bio. You should always direct people to take further action. You have one place to host a live link here in your bio so make sure you tell people to click in.

6. Using Catalog Shots
Instagram is not for your website or catalog shots. Catalog shots appear as though you are just looking for a sale. Instagram is a place where you entertain, engage, and build brand awareness so that eventually someone will buy from you on their own terms.

7. Account is on Private
Make sure that you do not have your account on private. Accounts set to private essentially mean closed for business. You can change this setting at any time. Simply toggle your privacy option to be public in the back end options.

8. Automation of Engagement and Buying Followers
You are NOT going to do that, period. You do not want to have any automation within comments. When I see things like “nice pic”, “check out my bio” or “nice video” (when it’s not even a video, it is a picture), and the comments are not authentic, I delete the comment and block the user. It’s important to keep your comments positive and authentic.

By avoiding these 8 mistakes you’re already steps ahead of average users. Stay positive, stay engaged, and stand out!