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Top Brands Using Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories feature is a favorite among businesses both large and small. Since its launch, these 24-hour videos/and or photos have allowed brands to reach an entire new audience. Even global brands like Nike are realizing that Instagram Stories allow them an opportunity to engage with their customers in a new and exciting way – one of their recent stories garnered 800,000 views! But the stories feature isn’t just a great way to engage your current followers. When you share an Instagram Story you are also more likely to show up in the explore tab for other Instagram users to discover.


Despite all of the buzz about Instagram Stories, many brands are still unsure how to kick start their own Instagram Stories. Whether it’s a reluctance to step in front of the camera or hesitations about creating a “full” story, businesses owners often feel defeated before they even get started.


If you’re struggling to launch your Instagram Story, or are just ready to step up your #InstaGame, here are a few accounts who are doing it all right.




Instagram is overflowing with amazing cooking tutorials. But one account that is carrying their delicious branding seamlessly is @videomeals. In addition to sharing simple, quick healthy meals on their Instagram feed, this account also offers more “exclusive” content in their Instagram Stories, such announcements about live cooking demonstrations.


This is content that followers know they’ll only discover if they watch the Instagram Story. Therefore, since there’s a “fear of missing out,” followers are more likely to check back on Video Meal’s story every day.



Inspired by the simple beauty of nature, Angelique, @fairyblooms encourages engagement among her succulent-loving followers by offering “sneak peeks” of her hand-picked creations. Whether it’s up-close look at a new arrangement or a tour of her studio, Angelique invites her followers to be part of her process.


This type of story-telling not only allows her followers to better understand the effort that goes into making all of the succulent arrangements, but also builds trust so the followers feel like they understand the process.




One of my favorite ways to create engagement on Instagram is by sharing energetic, vibrant content, and that’s exactly what @toneitup does. As leaders in the fitness industry, Karena and Katrina are hyper-focused on building off their Instagram feed to create fun, easy-to-follow Instagram Stories.


Whether they’re showing you a new exercise routine or a behind-the-scenes look at one of their famous beach-front workouts, it’s clear that these women are having an awesome time. Even better, Karena and Katrina also create strong engagement on their Instagram Stories by sharing their followers’ health journeys. These two embody my philosophy that when you shine the light on others it also shines brightly on you.



As a brand that specializes in gift accessories and apparel, Ban.do, @shopbando is “really serious” about creating a fun Instagram experience for their followers. One way that Ban.do ensures that their followers are engaged across their Instagram account is by being consistent. Whether it’s an inspiring quote or a featured customer, Ban.do captures the fierceness and bold voice that makes their brand unique.




We’ve all had those moments where we find ourselves in an Instagram rut, unsure which content is best to share. Jessica Mack, @brownpaperbunny, a Colorado-based artist, does a great job generating strong engagement among her followers by encouraging them to be part of the artistic process.


Similar to her Instagram feed, Jessica highlights everything from her pens to the canvas. No matter their artistic ability, Jessica’s followers are inspired to watch the artistic process on her Instagram Story from beginning to end.


Sharing your first Instagram Story is nerve whacking, but it’s worth it! Just remember that no matter what content you share – in your feed or in stories – it should always be inline with your brand messaging. Hone in on what inspires you: color text, certain emojis, or camera angles.

Don’t be afraid to try several different Instagram Story styles until you find the perfect fit for your Instagram audience. Once you take a look at the number of people who are following your story from beginning to end, you’ll know what it takes to get people to tap through. Ready to take a stab at Instagram Stories? I hosted a live social media class and the recording is still available. Click here for all the details!