The Best Resource Guide To Instagram Hashtags

Strategically using hashtags is one of the quickest ways to gain exposure in front of prospective customers, strategic partners, and brand ambassadors.

But using the wrong hashtags will only attract those spammers and fellow marketers you’re trying to avoid.

So how do you know which hashtags you should be using?


We did the research for you! After hours of research into hundreds of hashtags, you now have access to a specific, powerful list of hashtags that are best to use for your business.

Inside The Hashtag Handbook you’ll find a collection of industries with specific hashtags listed for each one.

The hashtags listed inside this guide have been hand-picked and sorted through to match each industry and target audience.


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So, what is the Hashtag Handbook?

Whether you’re new to Instagram or you’ve been using the platform for years, you’ll save time and frustration by using The Hashtag Handbook as your go-to resource for niche specific hashtags.

Inside the guide you’ll find...

  • Tips for using hashtags the right way
  • A list of 20-40 hashtags for your industry
  • Bonus tips for generating even more specific hashtags for your individual business

I love the hashtag handbook! I never realized how many combinations of hashtags there were and how to put them together and effectively use them until I bought this book. It completely changed how I think about and use hashtags in my business.

Lisa Larter, Author, Speaker and Business Consultant
Liane Caruso Liane Caruso, The CRUSH Agency

I underestimated the value of Instagram for business until I met Sue B. at a conference. Since then, I have learned how effective Instagram is as a platform and how hashtags can really help me engage with prospective clients and alliances in my field. Thank you, Sue B. for opening my eyes to a whole new world and adding value to my client services!

Jill A. Boudreau Jill A. Boudreau , Wellesley's Premier Realtor

As an Instagram newbie, I started posting to promote my Barbara Corcoran event for Boston's Top Brokers. At the time I didn't know what I didn't know. Fast forward...implementing Sue's hashtag strategies has enabled me to build my brand authentically, engage my target audience and, ultimately attract my ideal client. Trust me when I say it works - after all, it's how I found Sue!

Sue, I don’t know what magic potion you put in your hashtag guide but it’s working like crazy!!!! I repost your hashtags  a few times a day for myself and clients’ accounts and watch the likes, follows and comments roll in like I’ve never seen before! Thank you for such an amazing resource. I’m planning on giving several workshops on social media strategy to entrepreneurs and would love to recommend your guide.

Tova Herskovitz, @TheBrandingStylist

You should NOT purchase The Hashtag Handbook if...

  • You’re the kind of person who likes 100% customized information and does not recognize how to apply learned information to your business.
  • You want me to get on the phone with you to give you a list of more hashtags to use without trying the ones inside the guide.
  • You’re not ready to be active on Instagram or other social media platforms. 
  • You typically pre-judge information when it is presented to you before applying it. 

Ready for your copy of the handbook?

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The Hashtag Handbook is ideal for business owners, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, and social media experts looking to quickly grown their follower base on Instagram with targeted people.

The Hashtag Handbook  makes it easy to have the most useful hashtags at hand. It also has helped me strategically look for the hashtags I need in my industry, the wine sector. I am starting to see more engagement and success.

Katarina Andersson

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconAre the hashtags specific to my business?

    Yes and No.  We can’t guess where your business is located or who your exact customer is. Instead The Hashtag Handbook provides a robust list of hashtags you can start using right away to complement any additional hashtags you’re already using.

  • q-iconIs this a physical book?

    No. You will not be sent anything in the mail. Once you purchase The Hashtag Handbook you will receive your digital copy via email.

  • q-iconWhat if my industry isn't listed?

    We’ve compiled the industry list and done our research for the most common markets amongst people in our community. If you don’t believe your business can relate to any of the 35+ categories we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

  • q-iconCan’t I just find this information for free online?

    We’ve spent over 60+ hours researching and developing this list of hashtags. You are more than welcome to do your own research to find specific hashtags for your business. However if you’re time conscious business owner or marketer you could probably think of better ways to use your resources.

  • q-iconIs this useful for marketers managing multiple accounts?

    The Hashtag Handbook is an excellent quick-reference guide to have on hand. Every time you begin working with a new client, you’ll have all your hashtag research done for you. You can consider it your library of hashtags.

  • q-iconWhat if my business falls into multiple categories?

    Perfect! You’ll benefit from multiple categories listed inside the handbook.

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