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How To Create A Custom Bit.ly Link

Having a great Instagram bio is essential to having Instagram success. But, we can’t forget about the importance of your Instagram URL, which is located just below your bio. It is the only live link you can use for your Instagram, so it’s your one chance to grab people’s attention. That is why a custom Bitly is one of the best ways to draw people’s eyes to your URL. Bitly.com is a free tool, which makes it easy for you to create attractive and memorable URLs.

To begin creating your custom URL you will first need to copy your existing Instagram URL. When you’re on the Bitly website you will see a box at the top to paste your URL. Once you paste and hit enter an interface will pop up. This is where the customizing magic happens. Type in a custom URL, bearing in mind that the URL is case sensitive. Try to customize your URL so it is concise, but also relevant to your link. You can now copy your new customized URL into your Instagram.

Even better, now that you’ve created this custom link you’ll be able to track your click-through success. This is a great way to see if your Instagram strategies are drawing people to click or if you need to change your Instagram strategy.