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Posted in: 3rd Party Apps

App updates are pretty common and often go unnoticed. We tap a button while in the App Store and voila! All good. We feel refreshed. However, sometimes there is an app update we should get to know better. That is the case with my favorite app for Instagram, Word Swag. It was pretty #InstaAwesome before, and now, it’s even more awesome.


Word Swag is an app that let’s you add amazing text to your photos in seconds. Now Word Swag founder, Ben Wong (fun pic of us at CreativeLive), has improved the app’s functionality and value in the Instagram world and we want you to know about it first. Take advantage of the new features and, in turn, save time, increase the quality of your posts, stand out and offer increased value to your community. As an engaged and active member of Ben’s Word Swag community, happily Ben contacts the Instagram Expert Sue B Zimmerman when he has something to say and I am able to bring this message to you quickly.

Give these rockin’ new features a try and let us know what you think by commenting below or, of course, posting for your Instagram community and @Wordswag:

Choose from 290,000 absolutely free images to use as backgrounds. Enter your keyword to search for the image you want, try anything from hydrangea to bugs to tattoos! The background pic bank is huge and opens up a whole new way to stand out and customize your text and messages.


Add your brand logo to your image easily. The transparent option allows you to choose a watermark effect if desired for subtlety and minimal distraction. After you create the image as usual, Word Swag will prompt you with the add logo option. Boom done.

New share options – directly to Pinterest, Tumblr and SMS. After the image is created, simply click to share in more places.

New size options – in addition to square format for my beloved Instagram. You can now create portrait-sized images for Pinterest and landscape for Twitter and Facebook. Can you say more versatility?

Tweet better with guides for the Twitter photo preview area. Meaning there are guide marks to help ensure that the key content is in the preview window, so it is visible by default on Twitter. No more seemingly obscure photo snippets or weirdly cropped preview images with your valuable tweets and text when posting direct from the app.

Background filters and background blur are now options as well as 3 new font styles. And they look uber super with text.

Do not worry, now optimized for iPad, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too. Androids…Ben is working on it I promise.

The update, launched on December 15th, is one to notice before 2015. Don’t let your competition get more swagger first! The app Word Swag, a natural for Instagram, is evolving with their customer needs in mind, and so should you.