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Instagram’s Newest App Layout Is Out!

Instagram has a new App!  This newest app is called Layout and it’s free in the App Store.  It is easily now one of my new favorites to boot!  Let’s check it out.

What is exciting about this app is that Layout gives users the freedom to create an image through a puzzle-like experience.  Grab a photo you want to use and then start experimenting with the different layouts you can choose from.  There are many.  You can choose any number of frames you wish and within each block you can do lots of cool things to the image.  For instance, you can mirror the artwork back to back or flip the artwork or even replace the artwork in that one frame.  These are just “tappable” commands after you highlight the box you are working with.  In addition, you can change the focus of each block just by using your fingers to move in and out on the image.

Try to look at each frame like it is a separate piece of art when you are playing around.  You can also change the shape of the frames so they become different sizes, moving away from the original symmetrical layout.  Just pull out the blue bar to do this.  It is easy to spend lots of time getting lost in the creation of a new design, a kaleidoscope effect can even be achieved.  I kind of like when you can really zoom in on one of the photos so that you can almost not make out what the original image was depicting.

Finally just save to your camera roll by pressing ‘done’.  The image will be retrievable when you go into Instagram just like your other images.  Posting also happens the same way for images created in Layout.  It is possible to see what others are doing in the app by searching #Layoutapp.  It is fun to check that out, get some fresh design inspiration and look at the possibilities to get super crafty and creative with the new tool. This will help you figure out ways to stand out within the #Layoutapp feed.  I love that so many of these interesting images are getting tons of likes!

I personally feel that Layout works best with landscapes, architecture, flowers, fashion, jewelry, and graphic elements.  Although you can use it with images of people, somehow in my mind they are not as interesting.  But of course that is a matter of preference.

These new images created are so different.  Use them to draw attention and create buzz in your Instagram feed that will generate engagement and garner new eyeballs. I have not done a lot of posts using this yet, but I know I will be.  Layout is truly creating new opportunity for Instagram users!  Totally insta-awesome and fun!