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Morgan Sutton
Hi, I’m Morgan Sutton.
When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them:

I develop efficient and effective systems for small business owners.

But what I really want to say is:

I’m a tech junkie whose gift for marketing automation and business operations makes sure that no tech question goes unanswered.

But what I really, really want to say is:

I’m a grad school student who enjoys long binges of Gilmore Girls, singing a little too loud in the car, and connecting the technical dots so customers can get out of their rut and back on the road using efficient business strategies.

I’m Morgan, also known as the Director of Operations here at Sue B Zimmerman Enterprise. With a background in Systems Engineering, I am responsible for all of the back-end operations and systems that keep the @SBZteam running. Since the company’s start, I’ve helped Sue develop both her popular brand and her online courses. Every day I strive to make the lives of our customers more productive through efficient and effective systems. With my well-orchestrated flow charts, I’m ready to alleviate tech headaches and create #InstaAwesome results.

  • I have a B.S. in Systems Engineering and Psychology from The George Washington University, and just received my Masters in Engineering Management from GWU in May 2016.
  • I help business owners connect the dots between their business goals and the website, automation and email marketing that can make them happen.
  • I’m a total speed demon. No, not that kind – I can’t help but race to the “to-do list” finish line; I pride myself on quick test taking and swift computer skills.
  • My experience has earned me a spot on the stage at CreativeLive in 2014 in “Sell More With Instagram” and in “Get Social:Connecting Your Business Channels” in November 2015.
5 Fun Facts:
  1. When I’m not solving tech problems you will probably find me reading a fashion/lifestyle magazine. (I have way too many subscriptions!)
  2. I have a twin brother and two twin sisters. That’s right – my dad had two sets of twins!
  3. I’m so devoted to customer happiness; I always go to the second page of Google search results (and beyond!) just to find a solution.
  4. I consider Amy Porterfield to be my gold standard – listening to her podcast is regularly on my to-do list.
  5. I have a major biz crush on Birchbox, and even got to see one of their founders speak years before they were on everyone’s radar.
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