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Rachel Polish
Hi, I’m Rachel Polish.
When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them:

I help business owners maximize their social media marketing strategy.

But what I really want to say is:

I show struggling customers how to develop a social strategy that does more than just build awareness.

But what I really, really want to say is:

I drink too many cups of tea, observe and absorb as much as possible, and pour my energy into making easily digestible, yet highly valuable, information that allows our clients and community members to take off their blindfold and realize their social media marketing potential.

I’m also known as the brain behind the content here at Sue B Zimmerman Enterprise. As a lover of things social media, I wake up every day focused on teaching our clients two important things:
1) how to reach more people
2) how to provide a positive experience once someone has discovered you

While I love watching the number of followers and likes explode, what I’m really after is conversion.

  • I’m the manager and strategist behind all of Sue B Zimmerman’s social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Periscope.
  • My experience in social media strategy has garnered me respect amongst the top experts in the social media industry and earned me a spot on the stage at CreativeLive in 2014 in “Sell More With Instagram” and in “Get Social:Connecting Your Business Channels” in November 2015.
  • I fully believe that an honest and action-driven approach is what people need to make big changes on social media and produce real results.
5 Fun Facts:
  1. I don’t collect shoes or bags, but makeup and nail polish feed my soul.
  2. I’m entertained by suspense when it comes to TV, movies, and podcasts like The James Altucher Show, but I NEED routine in my day-to-day life.
  3. My most traumatic experience was when I accidentally swapped passports with a fellow student while in France and was forced to trek cross-country alone in a train car with 5 foreign men to retrieve it. Don’t worry, the story ended well with my mother snapping a photo of me as I walked off the bus passport-in hand 30 hours later.
  4. Tennis is my jam (watching only, please).
  5. I don’t do the “hustle to 2 am” thing. I need sleep to be a productive and friendly member of society.
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