The Official  Instagram Strategy Guide
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This is the resource for you if you want to learn everything you need to know about Instagram marketing all in one place. Designed to teach entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers, this course is all inclusive. You’ll learn how to make Instagram a part of your comprehensive social media marketing plan. Sue will teach you how to get started with an Instagram strategy, how to generate leads, and how to foster a community for business growth.


Insta-Academy is the only comprehensive Instagram training program directed toward social media professionals.

Ready. Set. Gram

Ready. Set. Gram. is a program for Instagram beginners. With this mini course you will get your feet wet and have a complete understanding of how to use Instagram for marketing your business.


Instagram Strategy Guide

A FREE 10 page guide to help you develop your Instagram Strategy. With this guide you’ll learn the power of Instagram marketing, 7 things to focus on, and 5 tips for experienced users. Every day we hear from people that they would totally pay for this...but we like to it’s always FREE!

Instagram Basics for Business EBook

The Beginner's Guide to Instagram is a complete review of how Instagram to use every button in the app, how to start your account, and how to use my favorite functions to market your business. If you’re a beginner...this is for you.

If you need to understand Instagram marketing basics...this is for you.

If you don’t want to waste time figuring out how to get started...this is for you.

If you’re an #InstaPro with 5,000+ can skip this.

Get Your Hashtag On!
Hashtag Handbook

Hashtags help you get seen by more people on Instagram. Not sure how to use them? Or which ones are the best for your business. We have you covered! Inside Get Your Hashtag On, you'll uncover top hashtags for your industry and learn exactly how to use them to make more money for your business.


Free 15 minute Power Session

Have a quick question? Need some advice on the direction of your Instagram account? Considering one of our products, services, or affiliate offers? Want to simply connect with Sue on the phone? Book a 15 minute call to chat!


Having a Bio that stands out on Instagram will quickly attract your ideal customers and help build trust and relationships. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words - Let us help by doing the work for you!

Single Strategy Session

This 1 hour power session is a personalized one on one training with Sue B. to build your brand awareness on Instagram. Sue will coach you through the exact things YOUR business needs to be focusing on to see #InstaResults. Everything from setting up your bio to creating great content to hashtags is covered in your session.

Extended Private Coaching

Need focus and direction?
Want to develop a digital product or course?
Growing your audience so you can publish a book?
Want to teach the world as an expert in your industry?

Sue and the #SBZteam can help you from content development to social media outreach to email marketing systems.

Over 3 month sessions we work directly with you to build brand awareness, establish automation, and provide insights that will help you be SEEN and make more money online.